Welcome to Silver Sand Holiday Village

So, you are looking for a hotel in Goa which right on the beach. You need comfort, privacy, fine dining and friendly and efficient staff. You prefer a hotel which has the backing of at least 20 years of hospitality experience. It should be a suitable getaway retreat for a couple. You want enough space and facilities for a family or a group of friends. Silver Sands Holiday Village sprawled over four acres of land, is guilty on all counts.

We are right on the beach with just our open-air palm fringed car park between you and the beach. Hard to imagine, but we are less than 100 metres to the beach. Stroll round the first sand dune and don't forget to breathe deeply, because the sand, the surf and the sea takes your breath away.

We're practically nudging the sand dunes, but though Silver Sands Holiday Village is tucked away from the crowds, we are still close to some of the world-famous hotspots. You can hit the nightclubs, do some street shopping, haggle at the night markets, browse through art galleries and sample eclectic food from different parts of the world. More»

We have all sorts of accommodation, ranging from "nice and comfortable" to "ooh lovely" to "wow luxury" in our deluxe rooms, our cottages, villas and our Premium sea facing rooms. Best of all is our dedicated staff, friendly and quietly efficient. We have guests who have been returning for their Goan holiday year after year and our staff remembers them by name.

We are open throughout the year. The weather in Goa must have come direct from Paradise, because our winters are warm and our summers warmer. But if you really want to see Nature at her most spectacular, there's nothing more perfect than a Goan beach in the monsoons.

Even the coconut palms bow deeply to Nature's majesty. The waves are beautiful to behold but nothing compared with the pyrotechnics in the sky. Masses of clouds and the orange sun streaking through, a brisk wind and if you're lucky - a sudden shower! The experience everyone agrees is unforgettable. It's just the ticket for sloughing off all that extra baggage of tension you brought with you from the workaday world of responsibility. Close«